"The purpose of the Smocking Arts Guild of America is to preserve and foster the art of smocking and related needlework for future generations through education, service, communication and quality workmanship."


SAGA Stitches

SAGA Stitches are designed to share the resources of SAGA with members, by providing members at large and chapters with pre-planned programs that can be used individually or adapted for regular chapter meetings. Some SAGA Programs also earn points towards the Artisan Program.

Each SAGA program comes complete with detailed teaching instructions, supply lists and handouts to photocopy for each participant. The goal of each program is educational -- process or project oriented, just for fun or for individual or chapter growth and development.

36 SAGA Stitches below:

Madeira Applique & Embroidery

Author: Jeannie Beaumeister
Program Series: Embroidery Series #1
Basic Madeira stitches create a beautiful heirloom handkerchief
Price: $8.00

Silk Ribbon Button Covers

Author: Catherine Salmon
Program Series: Embroidery Series #2
A brooch and cufflink set with silk ribbon embroidery
Price: $8.00

Hemstitched Bookmark

Author: Marlene Mehn
Program Series: Embroidery Series #3
Create a pretty linen book mark using hem stitch.
Price: $8.00

Floral Heart Wreath

Author: Marian Drum
Program Series: Embroidery Series #4
This 3 inch heart contains 5 embroidered flowers. There are suggestions for incorporating the design into a project.
Price: $8.00

Prickly Pincushion

Author: Tess Ellenwood
Program Series: Embroidery Series #6
What a cute little porcupine you can make with bullion stitches! High wrap bullions may be intimidating but this guy will give you lots of experience so you can become proficient with them. This is a great way to learn in a low stress and fun way.
Price: $8.00

Cutwork Flower

Author: Terry Faber
Program Series: Embroidery Series #9
Learn the basics of cutwork in a simple floral design. The design may be placed on the diagonal for a lovely finished corner of a napkin or hankie. Suitable for beginning, as well as experienced, stitchers.
Price: $8.00

Fun with Fagoting

Author: Dawn Roda
Program Series: Embroidery Series #10
Learn how to use fagoting as an embellishment. You will be making 9 samples that can be saved in a notebook for future references. The fagoting stitches will be used with bias tape, piping, rickrack, laces, entredeux and various thread types to make the samples showing the different effects.
Price: $8.00

Ornamental Smocking

Author: Helen Butler
Program Series: Ornament Series #1
The first ornament in the Ornament series. This ornament has beaded Van Dyke stitch. Great way to learn the Van Dyke and get become accustomed to beaded smocking. Once you try beaded smocking you will never let it go.
Price: $8.00

Feather Stitch Fan Ornament

Author: Barbara Meger
Program Series: Ornament Series #2
This program introduces two variations of the delicate feather stitch - the feather wave and slanted feather.
Price: $8.00

Silk Ribbon Poinsettia Ornament

Author: Dolores Blohm
Program Series: Ornament Series #3
This program introduces working with silk ribbon and teaches the bullion tipped lazy daisy stitch. A few French knots and the stem stitch complete the embroidery
Price: $8.00

Surface Honeycomb Ornament

Author: Dolores Blohm
Program Series: Ornament Series #4
Surface honeycomb stitch and a diagonal variation. Fagoting is taught and worked between pairs of diagonal rows. The piece is worked "in the round" and finished into a Christmas ornament
Price: $8.00

Christmas Ornament

Author: Anglea Pfaff
Program Series: Ornament Series #5
A lovely Christmas ornament using floss and beads
Price: $8.00

English and Lattice Smocked Ornament

Author: SAGA
Program Series: Ornament Series #6
This 3 inch ornament is smocked on the top and bottom with a trellis stitch. The center is a lattice smocked band.
Price: $8.00

Smocked SAGA Friends and Critters

Author: SAGA
Program Series: Smocked Ornament Series #7
This program has 14 critters and friends. Each has a 2 1/2 inch body and a 1 1/2 or 2 inch head. The body and head are smocked using a "smocking in the round" technique. Additional finishing suggestions are given for personalizing your critter.
Price: $8.00

Spider Webbed Smocked Pin Cushion

Author: Bonnie Patton
Program Series: Smocked Project Series #1
This project creates a pin cushion using miniature rows of pleating and spider web finishes.
Price: $8.00

SAGA Name Tag

Author: Debbie Gorson
Program Series: Smocked Project Series #2
A Smocked, official SAGA Name tag.
Price: $8.00

Vertically Smocked Needlecase

Author: Sue Kocienski
Program Series: Smocked Project Series #3
Using two basic stitches, the chevron and surface honeycomb stitch, the student smocks up and down on pleated fabric instead of just horizontally.
Price: $8.00

Smocked Memories

Author: Tina Kim
Program Series: Smocked Project Series #4
A handmade scrapbook, created to have a very special place for treasured stitching creations.
Price: $8.00

Sweet Sachet

Author: Martha Broyles
Program Series: Smocked Project Series #5
A sweet little project to tuck into an Easter basket, Christmas stocking or as a small gift. It is quick and easy, while introducing basic smocking stitches and even a touch of heirloom sewing by machine.
Price: $8.00

Smocked Cupcake

Author: Kathleen Noltensmeyer
Program Series: Smocked Project Series #7
What a cute cupcake! This would be fun for table favors or a fun new pin cushion. You can make it in any color you like and trim it in 'icing' to suit your likes. Smocked Cupcakes sold out at the 2012 convention but we have a supply ready to mail just to you!
Price: $8.00

A Beginner's Smocking Class

Author: Milwaukee Chapter of SAGA
Program Series: Smocking Basic Series #1
A review of the history of smocking and a basic introduction to the techniques and vocabulary
Price: $8.00

Choosing the Right Color

Author: Bobbie Demmer & Nellie Durand
Program Series: Smocking Basic Series #2
This program reviews color in all of its values and intensities.
Price: $8.00

Picture Perfect Smocking

Author: Nancy Elliott Miller
Program Series: Smocking Basic Series #3
This program exposes the smocker to techniques which can help perfect picture smocking. Not a beginning picture smocking exercise, it is meant to help the smocker improve her picture smocking skills by practicing the tips included in this program.
Price: $8.00

There is More to Smocking than Floss

Author: Carol White
Program Series: Smocking Basic Series #4
Discover some of the threads that may be used for smocking in addition to six-strand floss. Chapter members are instructed to bring a "doodle cloth" and selection of needles for hands-on experience with a wide variety of metallics, rayons, ribbons, etc.
Price: $8.00

Fun with Backsmocking

Author: Estella Davis
Program Series: Smocking Basic Series #5
Back smocking is commonly used to stabilize pleats either in picture smocking or working surface embroidery on large open areas. In this program, members will be encouraged to think beyond the usual uses and stitches of back smocking.
Price: $8.00

Pleating on Different Types of Fabric

Author: Sue Kocienski
Program Series: Smocking Basic Series #6
A hands on activity in which each student receives several pieces of fabric, pleats the fabric, and evaluates the ease with which the fabric pleats. Then smock a basic stitch in each sample.
Price: $8.00

Mystery Sampler

Author: Lilac Lakes Chapter (Darcy Fechner)
Program Series: Smocking Basic Series #7
A 14-row sampler is rearranged by luck of the draw to create a sampler that incorporates the cable, outline, stem, wheat, and wave stitches. Each individual's sampler will be different based on order of rows selected, color, etc.
Price: $8.00

Designing Your Own Smocking Plate

Author: Carol Kick & Kathleen Choren
Program Series: Smocking Basic Series #8
Teaches the techniques of basic design to enable one to design a plate to suit a specific area, adapt a plate, or create something unique.
Price: $8.00

Lattice Smocking

Author: Sue Kocienski
Program Series: Smocking Basic Series #9
Lattice Smocking is also known as North Anerican or Canadian smocking. It's worked on a grid and stitched on the back of the fabric with no stitches showing on the front. It leaves a textured design on the front that is beautiful on a pillow, the front of a blouse or down a sleeve - just a few examples. It's great for an adult or older child who does not want normal geometric or picture smocking. The program shows 3 lattice smocking designs - sculptured, cascade and surface honeycomb. Great project to expand your smocking talents!
Price: $8.00

Smocking Sampler

Author: Kristi Elkner
Program Series: Smocking Basic Series #10
Strengthen your smocking skills or help new smockers learn techniques and build their repertoire of stitches. The end result is a wonderful sampler suitable for framing or sewing into your own project - it would make a beautiful cover for a sewing caddy!
Price: $8.00

Wee Care Gown or Sacque

Author: Nancy Newell
Program Series: Wee Care Series #1
Simply constructed with front and back cut as one piece, this basic gown or sacque was designed for preemies - even the very smallest as well as average size newborns. Quick to make - only four pieces to cut including the bias strip for the neckband.
Price: $8.00

Potpourri of Wee Care Items

Author: SAGA members & chapters
Program Series: Wee Care Series #2
A number of projects for bereavement and preemies - a great use of a chapter's time and resources to help a local NICU.
Price: $8.00

Infant Day Gown for Preemies

Author: Judith Marquis
Program Series: Wee Care Series #3
Gown cut in one piece with center smocking. Very adaptable to needs of the NICU
Price: $8.00

Shadow Work Gowns

Author: Karen Burch & Esther Smith
Program Series: Wee Care Series #4
Delicate shadow work executed on fine batiste gowns. Three different versions with sizes small preemie, preemie & newborn.
Price: $8.00

Grady Gowns

Author: Canale & Siegel
Program Series: Wee Care Series #5
A wonderfully simply constructed Wee Care gown and small diaper shirt with directions for quantity preparation.
Price: $8.00

Wanda's Wee Care Baby Booties

Author: Wanda L. Mahn
Program Series: Wee Care Series #6
These sweet little booties can be made quickly by machine. They can also be used as in introduction to fine hand sewing.
Price: $8.00

36 Total SAGA Stitches