"The purpose of the Smocking Arts Guild of America is to preserve and foster the art of smocking and related needlework for future generations through education, service, communication and quality workmanship."


Teachers of SAGA Approved Classes

Find contact information for teachers of SAGA Approved classes here.

Azalea Alvarez

Phone: 954-434-0318

Barbara Jackson

Phone: 901-682-6088

Barbara Meger

Phone: 410.721.3245

Brenda Karon Shade

Phone: 817-578-3289

Carol Ahles

Phone: 281-558-1497

Claudia Newton

Phone: 256-881-3379

Cynthia Foose

Phone: 662- 451-1157

Debbie Ambrose

Phone: 813-654-2351

Debbie Glenn

Phone: 803-642-1852

Ellen Moore Johnson

Phone: 205-758-0108

Eloise Smith

Phone: 803-248-2300

Gail Doane

Phone: 801-619-7836

Jane Briscoe

Phone: 504-328-7496

Janet Luce

Phone: 612-48615002

Janice Stewart

Phone: 615-481-6477

Jeannie Baumeister

Phone: 225-313-6845

Judith Adams

Phone: 61-2-96868108

Judith Ann Marquis

Phone: 613-692-6674

Kari Mecca

Phone: 714-921-9184

Katherine Diuguid

Kathy Awender

Phone: 949-364-5408

Kathy Dykstra

Phone: 704-366-9367

Kaye Judt

Phone: 765-378-5139

Laura Jenkins Thompson

Phone: 843-884-1740

Lezette Thomason

Phone: 615-662-8557

Lyn Weeks

Phone: 61-2-4861 3414

Maggie Bunch

Phone: 540-720-2751

Margaret Pierce

Phone: 336-292-6430

Marion Scoular

Phone: 770-497-0648

Mary Laurice Noll

Phone: 215-699-1880

Mary Siegel

Phone: 404-255-5949

Nona Pontiff

Phone: 843-884-6598

Phyllis Brown

Phone: 704-365-4277

Regina Madory Walter

Phone: 703-941-8942

Roberta Chase

Phone: 908-203-8553

Susan O'Connor

Phone: 61352212317

Susie Gay

Phone: 757-357-7553

Tess Ellenwood

Phone: 301-343-5137

Trisha Smith

Phone: 615-662-4825

Vaune Pierce

Phone: 805-529-9423

Wendy Schoen

Phone: 504-891-1025