"The purpose of the Smocking Arts Guild of America is to preserve and foster the art of smocking and related needlework for future generations through education, service, communication and quality workmanship."

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Vice President of Membership

Vice-President of Membership – Chris Rumohr

I am honored to have been asked to return to the board as Vice-President of Membership.  The goal during my term is to secure SAGA as the premier resource for smocking and related needle arts with knowledgeable teachers, self-study classes, mentors, and with our talented members.


Secretary – Sally J. Charnock Rifenburg

I want to ensure that SAGA continues according to the By-Laws which were created many years past, reflecting updates, as needed, for the changing times and technology. I look forward to meeting many new people and developing relationships that I hope will last so much longer than a 2-year term on the Board.


Region One Representative

Region I Representative – Kim Gimblette

I am grateful for being nominated for the position of Region I Representative.  I have been a member of SAGA for the past 26 years and am currently serving as Artisan Chair.  Over the years I have served SAGA in various positions - as Treasurer, Vice President and President of a local chapter and more recently in different capacities with the Artisan Program.

Region Three Representative

Region III Representative – Ann Evans Peebles

My personal goal for the Region III Representative is to continue and increase good communication with the Region, build relationships within the Region and provide assistance to the Board in the management of the organization including Conventions, Retreats and other events/opportunities as necessary.

Region Four Representative

Region IV Representative – Jane McClure

I feel that volunteering to serve on the Board as a Region Representative would provide me with a great way to do just that - learn more about SAGA. It will also allow me to provide SAGA with some experience from my 35-year career in the banking industry. Having been retired for a few years I am at a point where I need a "job", but one that allows me the flexibility to still do all the things retirees enjoy- namely just having fun. Volunteering fits that bill and SAGA is a great organization to get involved with.

We're adding a Member's Showcase Board to Pinterest

Have you checked out SAGA's Pinterest page yet?

We are over 1900 followers strong and growing! We would like to add a Member’s Showcase Board to give you some wonderful inspiration, as well as show off the amazing talents of our membership. If you have a cute dress or outfit that you have made and that showcases your stitching abilities, we would love to see it, especially if it is modeled on an adorable little person (bigger persons as well if you have added smocking to an adult design)! So send a picture of your creations to Lori Popelka, along with any basic information, such as pattern or smocking plate used and she will add it to our Pinterest board! Please realize that by mailing us the picture you are giving us permission to post the picture and promising that you have the rights to use the picture.


Follow us to the best in Smocking and Heirloom Sewing

Great News – SAGA is now on Pinterest! Check out our site for your one stop source for the best smocking and construction tutorials, everything Wee Care, free smocking plates, heirloom and embroidery “how to’s” as well as quick sewing gifts!

We have just begun to build the site in the last month or so, so be sure to “follow” us so you can see each pin as it is added. Never checked out Pinterest?  – now is the time! Pinterest is an online bulletin board full of pictures. If you see something you like, just click on it – you will get a bigger picture of the item. Click on it again and it will take you to the site where the picture, tutorial, or smocking plate lives on the web. Best of all, if you are unsure about this whole Pinterest thing, unlike Facebook, there is no need to sign up. You can go to any site on Pinterest, just browse and click.  You only have to sign up for a Pinterst account if you want to be able to save the “pins” to your own boards.

Take your time to check out our boards and if you have any suggestions for a great tutorial or free plate that isn’t on our board, email your suggestion to Cassie Edson, at and she will do her best to get it up there! Remember, start following us so you can keep up with all the latest inspiration!

Volunteer for SAGA!

SAGA needs volunteers for tasks, committees, and the Board of Directors.

Members are the most important part of SAGA, and we all need to work for its success.  We share our passions about the sewing and needlearts and we are all intent on preserving these arts for future generations to enjoy.   The SAGA Board of Directors would like every member to think about how she might volunteer to help SAGA thrive.  It might be in your local chapter.  But volunteering for SAGA national is a terrific opportunity for members to make a valuable contribution to the mission of the organization. You will meet new people, gain experience in managing an organization, and maybe get some insider insights.


Supporting Membership insert for SAGA Brochure

Sizing for doll outfits

If you are interested in making a something for the doll, please check out the size chart below.  Use the sizing for Madame Alexander Girlz, keeping in mind that any 18” doll pattern will probably be fine as long as it isn’t very tightly fitted!

SAGA Introduces Sustaining Membership

A new opportunity to support SAGA and its programs

Sustaining Membership is a new opportunity for those who wish to increase their commitment to SAGA’s future.  Sustaining Members express an increased loyalty to SAGA.  The added revenue will support new and enhanced programs, particularly educational opportunities available to more members in more affordable ways.

A Sustaining Member will receive a special additional membership pin, and a bar will be added for each year the member continues at the Sustaining Membership level.  In addition one Sustaining Member will be selected by a random drawing each year to register early for convention.  Furthermore, $30 of your sustaining membership fee is tax deductible in the United States.

Sustaining Members will be available for new members and with existing member renewal for 2012, at $65.  Sustaining Membership for those outside the US is $70.  Renewal notices will be emailed (or sent by postal mail for those without email) in November.