"The purpose of the Smocking Arts Guild of America is to preserve and foster the art of smocking and related needlework for future generations through education, service, communication and quality workmanship."

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Trees for Troops Mystery Ornament Smock-Along!

Join us as we smock for Trees for Troops. The Final Directions has been added to the document below. Bring your ornament to Valley Forge or get it in the mail to Lisa Hawkes. Sign in and you will be able to see my address.

SAGA Smock Across America Retreat in Valley Forge!

Registration is now open!  Register Here!

If you are an international member and the registration will not allow you to register without a US address, just put in the SAGA address and we will contact you to obtain your correct address. We are sorry for the inconvenience!

The Brochure for the Valley Forge Retreat can be downloaded below.

Register with the hotel here! Your last date to receive the SAGA rate is September 3, 2015!


Members are invited to enjoy the extra events at Valley Forge including meals, market and the annual meeting.  Please reserve your spot now!

Shuttle Transportation for the Valley Forge Retreat

Click on the link for the Shuttle Transportation info for the Retreat in Valley Forge!  Reservations are a great idea, and if paying by Credit card, you need to fill out the attached CC authorization form!

See you in Valley Forge!

Program Ideas for Chapters!

Many chapters are gearing up for a new year of programs. We want to share some program ideas with you over the next few weeks. How many of us read our SAGANews and see something we would like to try then set it aside for "someday"? Why not have that "someday" be a program for a chapter meeting? 

There are Christmas ornaments, Easter eggs, Smocking plates, Samplers, Wee Care patterns, new stitches to master and much more. Looking through the back issues on-line makes it easy to find just the right project. The supply list, instructions and pictures of the finished project are just waiting for your chapter to use. Log in as a member and you will find the SAGANews tab across the top of the page.

Smock Across America Contest


Do you see Blue? Blue is the color for the Valley Forge Smock Across America Contest! Get those creative juices flowing and stitch up your entry for the contest. Click on the file below for the complete rules and where to send your entry. The winner will receive an Amanda Jane 24 row pleater!


Pillow Kit for Smocking a Bishop

Kits will be available for purchase in hospitality at Valley Forge. Reserve your kit for Valley Forge now. Read all the details below.

Volunteer for SAGA!

SAGA needs volunteers for tasks, committees, and the Board of Directors.

Members are the most important part of SAGA, and we all need to work for its success.  We share our passions about the sewing and needlearts and we are all intent on preserving these arts for future generations to enjoy.   The SAGA Board of Directors would like every member to think about how she might volunteer to help SAGA thrive.  It might be in your local chapter.  But volunteering for SAGA national is a terrific opportunity for members to make a valuable contribution to the mission of the organization. You will meet new people, gain experience in managing an organization, and maybe get some insider insights.


Mystery of the Five Diamonds Smock-Along

The Mystery of the Five Diamonds Smock-Along with Barbara Meger has finished but you can sitll make the project! All the clues are listed under the Tips section once you log in as a member. You can join our Facebook Group by clicking here.  Barbara will be available to answer your questions about the project between now and the Valley Forge Retreat, October 8-11. The smocking must be finished and your picture submitted by October 15th to receive your points!

To receive your artisan points:

1. Bring your finished project to Valley Forge to let everyone see your creativity! Barbara will sign your Artisan card in hospitality.

2. If you can't make it to Valley Forge, post you picture of your finished smocking to the Facebook page and make sure Barbara responds, or email a picture to Pat D'Orazio, our Artisan chair at You will receive an email with your points at the end of October!

Smock Across America Facebook Group

Our Smock Across America Facebook Group has gone live!


Go to our facebook group page (not our regular facebook page), upload a picture of you or your group with your smocking and our Smock Across America logo! Click on the map link and place your marker on our map. Do we smock in all 50 states, how many countries can we cover?

SAGA Calendar

You'll find the latest info about upcoming events and programs including Education Programs, Grant Workshops, and more.

See SAGA on Facebook!


Join SAGA on Facebook! go to, log in (you can get a free facebook account) and search for Smocking Arts Guild of America, and join! See you there!

Our Mission and Purpose

Founded 1979

The purpose of the Smocking Arts Guild of America is to preserve and foster the art of smocking and related needlework for future generations through education, service, communication and quality workmanship.


What is Smocking?

Smocking fundamentally is the manipulation of fabric using needle and thread. In its simplest form, smocking is decorative needlework stitched over pleats to embellish the item. However this does not define its limitlessness. Smocking can be used to create texture, design or flexibility in fabrics. When a more sophisticated technique is employed the color and weight of the fabric can be influenced and the folds of the fabric become the focus rather than the embroidered stitches. SAGA is your resource to over 20 different forms of smocking.


Kathy's Smocked Pin Cushion

Kathy Awender has created this darling pin cushion just for SAGA. There are variations for a chatelaine piece and a tooth fairy pillow. This will be a lovely addition to your sewing accessories or a special gift. The kit includes everything needed to complete the project: excellent directions, pleated batiste, lining fabric, backing fabric (which differs from Kathy's sample piece in the photo), piping and bias strip, floss to coordinate with the back, lace, needles. Please note: the stuffing/fiberfill is not included. Kathy is a loyal SAGA member and teaches extensively. Her business is 'Kathy Awender Designs', The kit cost is $18.00 which includes US postage (for foreign postage please contact SAGA Sales). This kit and the other SAGA Signature Collection kits and SAGA merchandise can be ordered from SAGA Sales at 1-817-350-4883 or
Price: $18.00

2014 Orlando, FL National SAGA Convention Photo CD

Enjoy over 180 photographs from the 2014 National SAGA Convention held in Orlando, FL. This CD is $6.00, which includes shipping within the USA (for foreign postage please contact SAGA Sales). This CD and the other SAGA merchandise can be ordered also from SAGA Sales at 1-817-350-4883 or
Price: $6.00
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