"The purpose of the Smocking Arts Guild of America is to preserve and foster the art of smocking and related needlework for future generations through education, service, communication and quality workmanship."

Artisan Program

SAGA is an organization that sets standards for brilliance; that must be so if our art is to be appreciated. The purpose of SAGA’s Artisan Program as stated is “a self enrichment program.” The prize is the amount of knowledge that one gains by going through the process of the Artisan Program. People say that perfection is demanded by the evaluators. But perfection is an idea in the mind’s eye. We must strive for perfection, be willing to always do a better job on our needle art projects, to be diligent in watching each stitch as we sew. Can anyone ever reach perfection? The answer is No. But we must by willing to un-sew a stitch to get closer to that idea of perfection. However to obsess on perfection is not right-thinking. And to let that obsession rob you of the opportunity to become involved in the process of level evaluation is nothing short of a tragedy. One may think that compulsory evaluations will inhibit creativity. But the opposite is true. Once there is mastery of the difficult and complex then creativity can soar. We are a creative people. Perfecting our skills today leads to greater accomplishment tomorrow. Let the Artisan program of SAGA be our pathway.